Cairo MacKennon has only one rule.

Avoid SCAR Force at all cost.








I never gave a shit about following rules. Just one.

Avoid SCAR Force at all costs.

I should have listened to my gut when my crew mate suggested we pull off a high-end heist no one in their right mind would even attempt. 

Breaking into one of the most secure buildings on our planet? Why put myself through that?

But when the reward is high enough to make my head spin, it’s kind of hard to say no.

Well that, and pride.

With my beauty of a stealth ship that puts every other vessel in the Vedrina trinary system to shame, I always find a way. 

Until the damn heist lands me straight on SCAR Force’s radar.

The Space Combat and Retrieval Force doesn’t forget past sins.

And with mine…

Death would be a mercy compared to the nightmare they have in mind.

TRINARY is the first episode in the action-packed sci-fi serial with a slow-burn romance, daring pilots, and spaceships galore!

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Pilot. Prisoner. Pain in the ass.

Collared and chipped like a dog, I’m left with no choice but to fly under Salvatore’s command and feed SCAR Force the data they want.

It’s the last place I want to be. The last thing I want to do. SCAR Force deserves to burn, and I wouldn’t mind lighting the match.

But the more time I spend with the Adamatine’s crew, the harder it is to convince myself they’re just mindless puppets, not people who aren’t quite so easy to hate.

Blaming innocents for SCAR Force’s crimes is wrong, I know that on a cellular level. But a part of me still wishes I could flick on that inner hostile switch.

My growing affection for the crew is dangerous.

Especially when the instinct driving me to protect their lives puts my own at risk.

PARALLAX is the second episode in the fast-paced sci-fi serial with a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance, stellar piloting, and action-packed excursions into space!

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Down the wormhole

Despite myself, I’ve grown comfortable working under Salvatore. Maybe even gained a sense of belonging with the crew.

But SCAR Force being SCAR Force, they can’t let good things last.

The interstellar trip they deploy us on knocks off my rose-colored glasses and promptly reminds me of my position.

The Force would rather see me dead than relinquish control of my body for even a second.

But of all the shit that sour-tasting bit of truth brings to the surface, one question hammers louder in my head than the rest.

How in all the damn galaxies could a glorified slave possibly develop feelings for a SCAR Force captain?

I have no idea. But I sure as fuck have them.

APHELION is the third episode the action-packed sci-fi serial with a slow-burn romance, new worlds to explore, and a crew you'll want to be a part of!

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Shedding light on a messed up situation can open the darkest chasms

I really should have known to never take anything at face value when it comes to SCAR Force. Learning the truth behind my arrest, though…

I’m not even sure what to do with that information.

I have to decide just how much I can trust Salvatore. Decide if I even want to involve him, when such knowledge is equal to putting a target on someone’s back. 

His, should he choose to listen.

Mine, if he rats me out.

But one thing is certain. Flying solo is not an option anymore.

VORTEX is the fourth episode in the explosive, slow-burn romance sci-fi serial!

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When everything comes crashing down

Sometimes, I almost wish I didn’t learn the crap I do. 

Because the new information that came to light just turned SCAR Force from my personal nightmare to one that can cause uncountable deaths. 

It’s on Salvatore and me to try to find a way to prevent the impending catastrophe.

But while we make an excellent captive-captain duo, we aren’t the only ones who’d upped our game.

SCAR Force is hunting down rebels with single-minded determination, and it’s only a matter of time before they take a closer look at their own ranks.

EQUINOX is the fifth episode in the steamy, page-turning, action-packed sci-fi serial!

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Set fire to the growing dark

Once a fugitive, always a fugitive. 

Except now I’m one who’s in desperate need of allies.

I can’t let SCAR Force go through with the attack they have planned. Unfortunately, convincing the rebels I’m on their side comes with its own peril.

My knowledge makes me an asset. The nano-tech in my body a liability.

But even if I manage to get the resistance to join my fight, I know that not everyone will get out alive. 

Though it certainly looks like death has a favorite.


NOVA is the explosive finale to the SCAR Force: Delta Faction series!

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Gaja J. Kos

Gaja J. Kos is a USA Today bestselling author with a mission to breathe fragments of Slavic lore onto many, many pages of fiction.

Aside from devouring all kinds of books and dreaming of once seeing her name printed on the spines, she grew up watching Xena, Charmed, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No one is really too surprised about the direction her adult life ended up taking.

She enjoys steamy books and steamier music, has an endless love for starry nights, and is a shameless summer babe with a soul-deep palm obsession.

Gaja currently resides in Celje, Slovenia, with her husband, two Chinese Crested dogs, and a whole lot of crystals and plants.